I am extremely dedicated with a deep-seated love of high school sports whose common goal is to showcase and promote players from Nebraska High Schools.

My story is short and sweet and very familiar to a lot of athletes and parents alike. NebraskaTok was created out of the frustration that way too many great athletes were being overlooked and not receiving the HYPE they deserve.

Jake Scheideler

I am the creator of NebraskaTok. All edits, voice-overs and creations are created by Jake Scheideler.

What Is NebraskaTok


What is NebraskaTok? Why do I do NebraskaTok? #nebraskatok

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Why Do You Do NebraskaTok?

How Do You Find Time To Make All Your Content?


I create a lot of content weekly for NebraskaTok and it’s not even my full-time job. Here’s how…

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